Web Development for Intermediate Programmers - with PHP

About the Book

Web Development for Intermediate Programmers - with PHP

This book gives step-by-step instructions on how to build a database-driven web-based application using PHP. Along the way, the author explains WHY specific techniques were chosen, and incorporates "usability" tips.

This book is intended for those with a basic understanding of coding; however the first section of the book is dedicated to provide a high-level foundation of this knowledge.

This book is divided into four parts:

  1. Basic Concepts: a summary of how HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and PHP work together. Also a review of database fundamentals.
  2. Building an App: creating database tables – and then reading/writing contents.
  3. Ajax: "advanced" coding techniques to change sections of a web page.
  4. Other Useful Tips – several tips/tricks the author has learned.

The author is sharing his personal best practices based on his 15+ years experience in PHP and web development.

For the more technical readers: this book covers relational databases taking a procedural-style coding approach.

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